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CarVia Luxury car rental Germany

Germany is a Western European country with a very diverse landscape to drive through. Forests with curvy roads, beautiful rivers, and great mountain ranges such as the Alps are waiting to be discovered. The rich history of Germany stretches over more than 2000 years. Berlin, the capital, has a diverse art scene and nightlife, the Brandenburg Gate and many memorials to the Second World War. Bavaria and above all Munich is famous for the Oktoberfest and beer halls like the Hofbräuhaus from the 16th century. Frankfurt is the seat of the European Central Bank. A road trip is definitely worthwhile to one of the founding member of the European Union. Therefore, rent your luxury car and enjoy driving through this country of car-enthusiasts with no speed limit on the motorways.

Most popular in Germany

Porsche 911 Carrera T

  • 370 HP
  • 150 km / day
  • 2 + 2 Seater

BMW i8

  • 374 HP
  • 150 km / day
  • 2 + 2 Seater

Porsche 718 Boxster

  • 300 HP
  • 150 km / day
  • 2 Seater

Rent a luxury car in germany

Carl Benz invented the automobile in Germany. Of course, only with the help of his wife Bertha Benz! Ever since, the world's highest density of premium car manufacturers has been established in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz produce the most comfortable luxury limousines in the world. And when it comes to sports cars, Porsche is the non plus ultra in the world. But also Audi and BMW in the South of Germany are known for their premium cars in the whole world. Therefore, it quickly becomes clear why you should rent a luxury car in Germany. After all, it is the only country in the world without speed limit on the motorway. Experience high speeds of over 200 km/h on the "German Autobahn" and use your special rental car to explore Germany. It does not matter whether you are on vacation or on a business trip. Either way, the great advantage of our luxury fleet is that you get your guaranteed model. Do not get disappointed by service providers that only offer a certain class. With CarVia, you get the dream car you have been looking for. And yet our prices are the best for the value you get.

Your advantages with CarVia

  • Personal 24/7-support during your booking
  • Premium luxury cars
  • Newest and guaranteed models
  • Fully comprehensive insurance included
  • Transparent rental conditions
  • Free cancellation up to 1 week before the rental start

Top luxury Car hire destinations in Germany

Other luxury Cars in Germany

BMW M2 Competition

  • 410 HP
  • 150 km / day
  • 4 Seater

Porsche 911 Carrera S

  • 450 HP
  • 150 km / day
  • 2 + 2 Seater

Porsche Macan GTS

  • 360 HP
  • 150 km / day
  • 5 Seater

Mercedes-Benz G 500

  • 421 HP
  • 150 km / day
  • 5 Seater

Porsche Panamera 4

  • 330 HP
  • 150 km / day
  • 4 Seater

Abarth 595 Turismo

  • 165 HP
  • 150 km / day
  • 4 Seater

Abarth 595 Competizione

  • 180 HP
  • 150 km / day
  • 4 Seater

Sports car and Porsche rental in Germany

CarVia's fleet of luxury cars includes, of course, sports cars. That's why you can also rent really fast two-seaters at locations such as Munich. Most of our rental cars come from the Stuttgart-based automobile manufacturer Porsche. With the classic sports car, the Porsche 911, you can experience sporty driving as with no other sports car. Our staff knows all Porsche models inside out and will personally brief you on all their features. As a result, you will feel safe in such a powerful car. Tell us if you are looking for a convertible, SUV or sporty limousine. With 718 Boxster/Cayman, Macan, Cayenne and Panamera we have it all. And we are also expanding our fleet of Porsche GT models, so be prepared for Porsche Cayman GT4 and 911 GT3 to rent. Our rental terms are transparent and our prices fair. Get in touch with us and ask for all details around your Porsche car hire in Germany. If you like to choose a one-way rental, that is no problem at all. Arrive at Frankfurt airport, visit Hamburg and Berlin in the North and return the car in Cologne or Dusseldorf.

Germany Driving Tours

Renting a luxury car is one thing, but experiencing the perfect road trip is another. In Germany, the roads are perfectly built, so you can comfortably cover long distances with a sports car. But it gets even more interesting once you cross the Southern borders to Austria and Switzerland. Enjoy the best routes and let us design your unique driving experience. That means that we provide the rental car of your choice, and also choose the most interesting destinations to visit. You get a digitalized route chosen by us and tips for activities or lunch stops along the way. Optionally, we even organize the overnight stays at our selected hotel partners. Choose a road trip through the South of Germany and experience automobile history with a visit to the museums of BMW, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Do not worry about planning each single day yourself. This is possible not only for your individual trip, but also for larger groups. It will be a pleasure for us to organize you driving experience in Germany and beyond, for example as a corporate incentive.

What do I need to rent a luxury Car

As with regular car rentals, the possession of a valid identification document and driving license is also mandatory for our luxury rentals. You will also need a credit card on which we can block the deposit. The minimum age for most of the luxury cars is between 21 and 25 years. You are welcome to find answers to further questions in our FAQ or contact us directly.


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